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Business Card

Instantly share your contact details with a single tap OR share your interactive business card using a link or universal file.

Smart Business Card

Virtual Business Card

Smart Business Card

All your contact details shared with a single tap

Tap to Share

ITAP’s Smart Business Cards allow you to share your contact details by tapping your card on any nfc enabled phone or alternatively scanning the custom QR code on the card.

Scan to Share

A custom QR code will be created as an alternate means to add your contact, or any other choice of data. Just have a potential client camera launch their camera and point it at the QR code and the data will be transferred.

Fully Customizable

ITAP’s Smart Business Cards are fully customizable having your logo, company, name and custom QR code.

Virtual Business Card

Create an easy to share Interactive Virtual  Card

Tap to Interact

ITAP’s virtual business cards displays all of your contact and social details in a single and convenient universal file that can be easily shared with any smartphone. These digital business cards are interactive and only require the recipients to tap on an icon for their phone to automatically execute the action.

Variety of Designs

ITAPs virtual cards come in a variety of designs to choose from and are customizable.

Share Via:

QR Code, URL Link, Bluetooth, Airdrop, NFC, WhatsApp, Email, Google Drive, Social Media

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