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Smart Home Control

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Smart Home Control

Smart Home Control

Whether you’re home or miles away, have total control of your homes lighting, appliances, security and access control.

Control your new Intuitive Home through :

Smartphones/ Tablets

Voice Control

Motion Detection



Total Control of Your Lights From Anywhere, To Do Anything

Control the state, brightness, color and set the mood for any occasion using your smartphone or a voice command. 

Schedule lights to come on before you get home or turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise. 

Away mode – Randomize lights when you’re away  to give the impression that you’re home.

Motion/Proximity: Have your lights turn off when there is no motion or turn on when get close to home

Appliance Control

Tranform virtually any appliance within your home into a smart one. Control your AC, TV, Fans & much more using your smartphone, scheduling or voice commands. 


No one will watch out for your home like you will, Intuitive Homes and Businesses places security in your hands.

Enjoy a comprehensive smart surveillance and alarm system which you can monitor in real-time, and receive alerts of suspicious activities in and around your home.

Have lights flash, sirens go off and doors lock to scare away the scare away intruders.

Access Control

With your new intuitive system your phone is your new key. 

Not sure if you locked the front door? Simply check your smartphone or automatically have it lock after a stipulate time.

Grant access to family members or friends while away.

Have guests? Temporary send encrypted keys to Airbnb guests and service personnel which expire after a stipulated time

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I've never experienced convenience and security like this before.
Keron Michaels

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